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Louis Kahn documentary, My Architect

How do you effectively write about the complexities of an out of marriage father and son relationship, the effects of the loss of a parent whom you did not truly know, the meaning of architecture, form, space, and tranquility, or the conflict of genius and the making of a meaningful life? Needless to say, I struggled with this post.

However, late last week I attended my friend Daniel’s 75th birthday party, a time for celebration and also a time for great reflection. Dan is a successful artist and his birthday celebration included several artist friends, including a very nice lady named Lorain who was seated next to me. Since our dear friend and fine art was our common bond, Lorain and I naturally began sharing our Dan stories, our art experiences, and our favorite artists. As such, I evangelized Rothko, Agnes Martin, and touched on Picasso. Lorain eloquently and passionately spoke about her love and appreciation for both Picasso and Matisse. 

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Mark Tobey, Sam Francis, and Agnes Martin: 

Eastern influences of the Void, and their use of Active Meditation in the Creation of their Art

Is there a higher being? Why is there suffering? What does it all mean and what is our purpose in life? Are there answers to these questions, or does the solution rest in the process of searching, much like Socrates suggested, “the unexamined life is not worth living?” Through the centuries, Man’s reflections of these existential questions have filled the largest libraries, inspired the creation of religions and nations, and been the focus of an incalculable number of creative works.

Though most of human history is cloaked in the foreboding veil of scarcity of basic human needs – adequate subsidence, shelter, health care, and civil liberty – our modern era is a time where the promise of technology through automation has created abundance, which has satisfied, and likely over satisfied, our material needs. However, despite material wealth, luxury, and abundant access to the necessities of ensuring survival, we bemoan the lack of time and happiness and we are no closer to answering the perplexing questions asked above. As we run through our life, with cell phone in hand, anxiety, alienation, and suffering are daily companions. So what is it that we seek and how can we apprehend or attain it?

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Recent shows

Qi painting August 16, 2014

Qi Paintings Exhibited at Galleria Deptford

Great news! 12 of my qi paintings were selected for a groupd exhibit at Galleria Deptford. The show is up from June 1 through September 9, 2015. Location: 1011 Cooper Street, Deptford, NJ | Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 4:30pm.

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Walking: An Exhibit of Select Works 
This show featured a variety of paintings, photography, photo illustrations, and printmaking, and was meant to honor many friends and family who have been effected by either leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease or myeloma.

100% of ALL proceeds from this show benefited the New Jersey Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We raised over $1,500. 

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Lucy the Elephant Art Show Mending a tall tail-1Lucy the Elephant Art exhibit, Margate, NJ
Located in Margate, NJ, Lucy the Elephant is a Registered National Historical Building and New Jersey icon. She is the oldest example of zoomorphic architecture, the largest elephant, and also one of the happiest most optimistic places you will ever visit. Unfortunately, in 2009, Lucy's tail was damaged in a windstorm. To help raise funds and public awareness for this injury I created the "Mending a Tall Tail" art exhibit. It was the first ever art show in Lucy the Elephant and 50% of all proceeds of the sale of limited edition prints went to the Save Lucy Committee, the non-profit that manages Lucy the Elephant. 

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